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Dontum Enterprise ดอนตูม เอ็นเตอร์ไพรส์

• Dontum Enterprise Co., Ltd.

relies on the concept of strategic partners which able to provide the client best service with optimized costing to meet specific requirement of the client. Dontum Enterprise Co., Ltd., therefore, has numbers of partners including the following list.

• KHT who is a qualified fabricator and erector of cement mill,
petrochemical mill, power plant, vegetable oil refinery plant, steel structure, vessel,large capacity storage tank, heat exchanger, high pressure part, alloy equipment and others which may required expertise engineering skill

• PCS who is a qualified general contractor
in the field of electrical installment, electrical wiring,instrument wiring, instrument hook up, air condition system, duct&plumbing system, high volt system installation, lighting system, HVAV system, building automation system, PLC panel and others.


• BLE who is a qualified fabricator and erector of sugar mill, 
steam generating plant, alcohol production plant, storage tank, piping works and others.


• SWC who is a qualified construction team
including maintenance of the equipment in the pulp and paper mill. In further, Sawaeng Construction Limited Partnership also supplied heavy equipment for construction and erection works i.e. various capacity of mobile crane, backhoe, hiab truck, concrete breaker, lorry and others.


• As we interest to diversify our business line
including initiate the business in the high growth rate country, 
we have therefore join with KTEC Co., Ltd. who is a local register company in Vietnam to launch the business in the field of logistic, transportation, man power supply, construction and trading.  


Scope of Services - General

•The general works carried out by our company normally consists of the following procedures depending on the requirement of the client.  The following is intended to give an overview of the general procedures to be performed before works can proceed.

 Site Visit

•Site Investigation or meeting

•Discuss with the Client/Owner/Engineering personnel.

•Review the existing information/ specification/ requirement

•Conduct an on-site technical and visual inspection (if any)

•Study and analyze the information obtained

•Clarification of Works Scope

•Depending on the requirements of the Client, the works may involve the following areas :-

•Engineering and design

•Material supply

•Fabrication and delivery to the client in according to client requirement

•Erection of the fabricated item as per specification issue by the client or our proposal.

•Quality control to assure that the performance of the works meet with the requirement

•Commissioning and final acceptance to meet with the client criteria.

•After clarification of the scope of service, the quotation proposal will therefore be prepare and submission to client for approval.


•Scope of Works for Engineering and Design

We also able to propose engineering design to achieve requirement of basic engineering and data prepared by client.

Scope of Works for Material supply

Depend to convenient of the client, we also provide our service of material supply in according to designed specification.


Scope of Works for Fabrication and delivery

•After conclusion of the construction drawing, we also provide our service of fabrication as per the approval drawing with necessary step of working to comply with the required inspection and test plan.

The activity also extend to deliver of the fabricated works piece to the construction site, in further we extend our service not only provide our service of transportation of fabricated piece work but also transportation of various kinds of goods of equipment require by the client

•Scope of Works for Erection Works

•Once the fabricated work piece and/or equipment at the site, we also provide service of installation as follow the construction plan and method statement which provide by client or others source of approved recommendation


Scope of Works for Quality Control

•To ensure that the quality of our service meet with the agreed specification, we have organize team of inspector and quality control to works close with our skill labour to supervise and control the quality to comply with concern standard.

Scope of Works for Commissioning and final acceptance

•The final state of our service also extends to dispatch of experienced manpower to assist client to operate the plant or equipment under supervision of the manufacture or assigned party by the client in according with the operation manual to ensure the overall performance of the plant.